• The Department of Cardiac Surgery at CPEIC Multan is one of the leading centres of cardiac surgery in Pakistan. The department started working in 2007 when 34 open heart surgeries were done. Two great cardiac surgeons Prof. Dr. Haider Zaman and Prof. Dr. Anjum Jalal were the pioneers,  who by the help of their surgical and administrative skills, took this unit to such heights that now over 1800 open heart surgeries are being done annually. This is the maximum number of operations being done in any other centre of Pakistan. To date, more than 5500 patients have been benefited by these services. Moreover, the results of Cardiac Surgery are comparable with the international standards according to our database. Not only the routine procedures are being performed here but the centre is well known for aortic surgery e.g. aortic root replacement, beating heart surgery and various complex procedures. Moreover, all sorts of complex pediatric heart surgical procedures are alse being performed with excellent results.Not only the department is providing international standard services to the patients but it has the honour of producing many qualified and trained new cardiac surgeons as well. In the past 5 years, six residents of the cardiac surgery department have done FCPS in cardiac surgery, two of whome Dr. Iftikhar Paras and Dr. Mujtaba Ali Siddiqui are now working as Assistant Professor of Cardiac Surgery at two different cardiac centres of Punjab. our faculty at the moment comprises of one Professor, three Assistant Professors and five Senior Registrars. Our faculty is:
  1. Prof. Dr. Haider Zaman                       FRCS(GS), FCPS(CS), FRCS-CTh(UK)         Chief Cardiac Surgeon
  2. Dr. Naseem Ch.                                 FCPS(GS), FCPS(CS)                                 Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Shafqat                                        FCPS(CS)                                                 Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Tariq Waqar                                 FCPS, FRCS(UK)                                       Assistant Professor Peads Cardiac Surgery

We have five Senior Registrars of Cardiac Surgery

  1. Dr. Ghulam Hussain Qureshi              FCPS(GS), FCPS(CS)
  2. Dr. Sher-e-Murtaza                            FCPS(GS), FCPS(CS)
  3. Dr. Allah Bakhsh Khakhi                    FCPS(GS), FCPS(CS)
  4. Dr. Muhammad Moeen                      FCPS(GS)
  5. Dr. Muhammad Yasir Khan                MCPS,FCPS(GS),FCPS(CS),MRCS(UK)