Paeds Cardiology Staff

Paeds Cardiology Staff

The services for the management of children with heart diseases started with inauguraon of the Instute in August 2005. Major milestone was achieved in 2008 by recognion of Instute by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan for full Pediatric Cardiology FCPS‐II training.


  • Muhammad Younas (FCPS‐Pediatrics, FCPS‐Paeds. Cardiology) Associate Professor & Head of Department
  • Dr Ahsan Baig (FCPS‐Pediatrics, FCPS‐Paeds. Cardiology) Assistant Professor
  • Dr Tauseef Asma (FCPS‐Pediatrics, FCPS‐Paeds. Cardiology) Assistant Professor
  • Dr Baqir Maqbool (FCPS‐Pediatrics )‐ Senior Registrar

Teaching/study schedule:

Weekly (on Friday) teaching activity is performed under supervision of consultant. All the MOs are involved in this activity. Teaching includes group discussions, demonstrations, short/ long case, journal club/ scenario discussions and mortality/morbidity audit. Surgical cases (Cath conference) are discussed with surgeons on Thursdays.

OPD Facility:

We have daily OPD services. Consultant OPD days are Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All children below 12 years are registered on reception counter and allotted a computerized file number. They are examined by Paediatric trained medical officers in screening room (Room 13). Selected patients are referred to consultant room (Room 12) to get opinion from consultant.

Daily around 50 children with suspected heart disease are visiting the OPD.

Facilities Available

Paediatric Echocardiography

We have daily Paediatric echocardiography facility. Consultant days are Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A Fully equipped echo machine (VIVID 7 Dimension) with volume and transesophageal probes is installed in Paeds. Echo room. This room is inside consultant OPD room. All echocardiograms are done by a consultant or senior registrar.

Daily around 20 (In 2013= 3580) Echocardiograms are performed.

Cardiac Catheterization / Interventions:

Three Angio machines (Philips ,Siemens & GE) are installed . We are doing caths on every Wednesday. In 2013 , we performed 299 caths.We are performing diagnostic caths, pulmonary valvuloplasty, aortic valvuloplasty, PTMC, PDA occlusion, ASD occlusion, Coarctaion angioplasty and stenting. We have direct liaison with our teacher Professor Masood Sadiq (Dean & Professor of Paeds. Cardiology in The ChildrenHospitalLahore). He is kind enough and spare time from his busy schedule every year for Paediatric cardiac Interventional workshop.


  • To increase bed capacity for children after start of new emergency and new indoor building.
  • To extend pediatric cardiac interventions under GA to every Friday after installation of new Angio-machines.
  • Induction of new FCPS trainees.
  • Regular Paediatric cardiac Interventional workshops.
  • Coordination with Anesthesia department (to perform cardiac interventions under GA)
  • Organization of Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery team.