Pharmacy Department of CPEIC, Multan is functioning since August, 2005, i.e., from the start of the institute. Department is comprising of its OPD dispensing and central supply of medicaments (medicines and disposables) to indoor sections like emergency, C.C.Us, ICUs and O.Ts etc.

Quality of Medicines

Quality medicines and disposables are being procured and dispensed to all poor and entitled patients. OPD pharmacy is catering almost five to six hundred (500-600) patients per day and one month medicine is being given. Qualified personals are available for patient counseling and ensuring that patients are taking medicines in proper dosage regimen and time. In one calendar year OPD pharmacy issue medicines to more than one hundred and fifty thousand patients approximately. Beside this, storage conditions of medicaments are also in accordance with the set protocols / standards and various segments of the store are under the supervision of qualified pharmacists. Quality of medicines not only assured at the time of purchase but medicines from the store is dispensed after getting satisfactory report from Drug Testing Laboratory (DTL). Judicial dispensing is also being ensured at wards level as one of the professional pharmacist is deputed for execution of the same.

Internship Programme

Internship Programme for the professional development of fresh graduates is also being carried out at Pharmacy department. Under government direction vide to notification no. SO (DC) 814/92 (69) dated October 10th 2009, here all pharmacists are authorized to register from Assistant Pharmacist for it.


In hospital premises, for general user and paying category patients Retail Pharmacy is also functioning on no profit no loss basis and medicines and disposables (interventional and surgical) are available at subsidized rates. Pharmacy department is playing vital role in order to provide health care facilities to cardiac patients and in the development of this newly established institute too.