Anesthesia and critical care Department in CPEIC Multan is working since 2007, under supervision of Professor Dr Rana Altaf Ahmad, Founder Cardiac Anesthetist of the department in South Punjab.

The Anesthesia and critical care department is working hard day and night under supervision of Professor Dr Rana Altaf Ahmed , Head of Anesthesia and ICU. Anesthesia team consists of qualified and experienced persons, including Consultants (anesthetists and pulmonologist), Medical officers and staff nurses, providing two ICU units , unit-I contain 8 beds with well equipped ventilators and monitoring, Unit II  contain 11 beds,  Osman Block contain 14 beds, Paeds Unit contain 8 beds  services round the clock, in operation theaters and ICU. The department is also providing 24 hours emergency services to all other departments.

There are five operation theaters and two ICU, equipped with latest anesthesia machines, ventilators, monitors and other equipment .Both invasive, noninvasive including NIRS & BIS monitoring is applied to patients. Intra-operative TEE and Bronchoscopy facilities are also available. in case of malfunctioning, backup anesthesia machines, ventilators and oxygen supply system are also available. Another 24 bedded ICU block, including a separate bay for pediatric patients, has been added to improve patient care.

Anesthesia and critical care Department in CPEIC is a recognized department for post-graduation in field of Anesthesiology (MCPS , FCPS ), and also for Cardio-thorasic Anesthesia (FCPS) & MS Anaesthesia. Anesthesia and critical care Department of CPEIC is the only recognized institution for Cardio-thorasic Anesthesia fellowship by College Of Physicians And Surgeons Pakistan in Punjab.

Faculty Members of Anaesthesia Department

  1. Dr. Rana Altaf Ahmad      MBBS, DA, FCPS- Ans, M.Sc  (Pain Medicine), MPA ( Health )     Executive Director / Head of Department
  2. Syed Suhail Ahmad (Associate Professor)                      MBBS,DA,MCPS- Ans, FCPS -Ans, M.Sc (Pain Medicine), MPA (Health).
  3. Kaneez Ume Farwa ( Senior Registrar)                            MD, FCPS-Ans.
  4. Afifa Zahoor (Senior Registrar)                                        MBBS, FCPS-Ans.
  5. Syed Tamsil Asghar (Consultant Anesthetist )              MBBS, DA.
  6. Farzana Batool (Consultant Anaesthetist)                     MBBS, MCPS- Ans.
  7. Shumaila Ali Rai                                                               MBBS, FCPS-Ans.
  8. Azam Rahil (Consultant Anaesthetist)                           MBBS, DA- Ans.
  9. Sabuhi Sabir (Registrar)                                                  MBBS,  MCPS-Ans.
  10. Shagufta Parveen                                                             MBBS,  MCPS-Ans
  11. Bilqees Anjum                                                                   MBBS,  MCPS-Ans.