b bnkDepartment of Blood Bank is Headed by Assistant Professor of Pathology Dr. Syed Khizar Abbas Rizvi. Other Staff members include Dr. Nauzaina Asghar (Hematologist) and Dr. Bushra Khan (Blood Bank Officer).

Blood Bank and Blood Transfusion Lab. of the institution serving the patients since August 2007 and provides the following services to the cardiac patients.

  1. Blood Grouping & Cross Matching
  2. Screening by ELISA for HbsAg, Anti. HCV & HIV
  3. Preparation of Whole Blood for Transfusion
  4. Preparation of RBC Concentrates for Transfusion
  5. Preparation of FFP Concentrates for Transfusion
  6. Preparation of Random Donor Platelets for Transfusion

Blood Bank is well equipped with the following:-

  • Blood Bank Refrigerators
  • Plasma Freezers
  • Platelet Incubater
  • Cryofuge Machine
  • Elisa Plate Reader
  • Centrifug Machine


  • Gel Technology for Blood Grouping & Cross Matching
  • Automation in Blood Grouping & Cross Matching