Emergency ward became functional on 16th October 2007. Initially it was 14 beds unit. New emergency block was constructed and is now fully functional. 71 beds in new emergency block of CPEIC has been commissioned with state of the art facilities.

It is one of the largest cardiac emergency blocks in the region, equipped with latest equipment like cardiac monitors, ECG machines, X-Ray, Echocardiography, Defibrillators and Temporary Pacemakers. All sorts of cardiac emergencies are treated round the clock under one roof. These are then screened, assessed, managed and admitted / referred to the respective units of CPEIC or other hospitals accordingly. Professors of Cardiology department and team of consultants are available for consultation round the clock while Senior Registrar is available all the time to attend cardiac patients. Treatment at emergency treatment is totally free.

This new block has male and female ECG rooms, Screening room, Resuscitation bay, acute bay, step down bay and step down ward.

In resuscitation bay, there are three motorized chairs and three beds. Patients are given first aid in this room. Approximately 500 patients are daily treated in this room.

After first aid, patient is shifted to acute bay. Acute and seriously ill patients are managed here. All the patients in this bay are centrally monitored. Emergency procedures like TPM, Pericardiocentesis, CVP lines, Electrical defibrillation, ventilator support and Streptokinase therapy are routinely done.

When the patient becomes relatively stable, he/she is shifted to step down bay where the routine cardiac care is carried out and patient remains under observation and then shifted to CCU/Cardiology ward or discharged depending upon the condition and duration of stay.

One very important aspect of care is the provision of medicines to the patient and that is very well managed by the Pharmacy within the emergency ward. All the medicines are available for every patient in the emergency ward totally free of cost.