In order to address the growing need for more beds being the only cardiac institution in Southern Punjab, the construction of new OPD and Inpatient Block with a total cost of Rs.1919.70 millions is going to start to an area close to the existing building. When complete the new OPD and Inpatient Block will help cardiac patients of the region and facilitate to provide the preventive and curative cardiac care services.

 Project Objective                                                                                    PICTURE GALLERY

The specific objectives of the project are:-

  • To provide high quality emergency services on the latest scientific grounds to widely scattered population of low socioeconomic income group.
  • To deliver Comprehensive Cardiac Services by well trained, skilled, well oriented, well equipped staff.
  • To give good aesthetic sense by providing good looking building in the city.
  • To minimize the morbidity rate by providing preventive, curative and promotive cardiac care services.
  • To minimize the cardiac handicapped by giving rehabilitation services.
  • To provide indoor / outdoor training facility to Postgraduate Students in the field of Cardiology.
  • To provide the educational facilities to allied health staff of Cardiac Services.
  • To achieve optimum improvement in health indicators.

Relationship with sector’s objectives

Government of the Punjab Health Department is in the process of undertaking number of initiatives to improve health care delivery system in the province. the Govt. of the Punjab is firmly committed to provide Specialized Health care services through integrated approach. A number of projects to improve emergency health care services particularly targeting on the promptness and quality have been initiated. Although major focus is on disease prevention and health promotion strategies, providing specialist health care services to victims of Cardiac disease is one of the top most priorities. The working of the project will be in a vibrant environment and in holistic manner. The scope of the project itself aims to establish horizontal linkage with all the stakeholders through multi-sectoral approach. The health care facilities and on going services provided in the hospital will seek strength and viability from its linkage and public ownership. The project is in line with Policy Initiative for Health and fully augment the objectives of Health Sector.