Service to humanity is the Service to God. Who has saved the life of one person he has saved all the humanity.

To Our Patients:

Welcome to CPE Institute of Cardiology Multan. CPEIC Multan is dedicated to provide excellent Cardiac Care to our patients. We at CPEIC provide compassionate care, combined with the most up to date treatment in the field of Adult & Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. Our Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons along with the paramedical staff form a well-trained and highly motivated team working round the clock. We pride ourselves in our ability to work as a team efficiently to deliver excellent Cardiac Care to our patients. Our goal at CPEIC Multan is to provide state of art Cardiac Care to the field of Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

Registration of New Patient

Registration of new patients is done at Registration Counter (OPD Reception Desk) where patient’s bio-data is entered in Patient Database System. A token system is introduced to facilitate the patients.

On his/her turn, the patient along with CNIC card and token chit visit the reception desk for his/her Registration. After a while, receptionist will provide Medical Record File of blue colour (OPD File) to the respective patient.

After registration, patient’s file is prepared and a Registration Card containing Registration No. with date of Registration is handed over to patient for all future references.

Patient Categorization

All patients are provided medical treatment irrespective of their economic status. However, there is a system of categorization of patients at OPD based on the principle that get charges from affording patients and spent on the treatment of poor / deserving patients. All patients are assessed according to their socio-economic status by a Social Medical Officer and placed in their appropriate category. Following categories are defined:

A. Entitled: All Punjab Government employees are placed in Entitled category. They are provided totally free treatment, diagnostic tests & surgery if required. Free medicines are provided to them at OPD & Emergency. Entitle Patients are required to provide Medical Docket along with salary slip for their categorization.
B. Poor / Non-Affording: Patients belong to below average family set are categorized as ‘Poor’, but they are required to provide Zakat form from their respective Union Council. They are provided totally free treatment, diagnostic tests & surgery if required. Free medicines are provided to them at OPD & Emergency.
C. Minimum User Charges (MUC) / General Patient: Patients belong to mediocre family setup are categorized as ‘MUC’ patients. These patients are charged for their diagnostic tests & surgery at subsidize rates (almost one third the normal rates).
D. Paying: Patients belong to well off family setup are categorized as ‘Paying’. They are required to pay for their diagnostic tests & surgery at normal rates. Paying patients are provided exclusive environment in private rooms. Their diagnostic tests and surgery are done on priority.

This is then followed by ECG of patient and check up by Medical Officer in assigned OPD Rooms.

Many patients left their treatment because they could not afford medicines. CPE Institute of Cardiology has formulated a list of essential medicines for heart patients. All these medicines are made available and provided free of cost to deserving patients / MUC and provincial government employees. On an average 1200+ patients are given free medicines daily.