Diagnostic Radiology is often the fastest and most standard, first approach to diagnosis for many conditions from bone ailments to gastric disturbances to breathing difficulties to cardiac emergencies. It provides a physician with a view of internal anatomy and potential disease. Generally a painless experience, the results can be available in a very short time to aid you and your physician to achieve a speedy recovery.

Our Radiology Department conducts more than 250 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures per day, while maintaining the highest standards of clinical excellence. Led by the most competent group of professionals, the department is committed to provide our patients with a compassionate and caring environment using the most modern technology and research in clinical imaging.


Dr. Mustafa Ali Siddiqui MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, MRCR (UK) Professor & Head of Radiology Department
Dr. Abdul Khalid Khanzada (View Profile) MBBS, DMRD Principal Medical Officer
Dr. Hira Bushra MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor Radiology
Dr. Farah Kalsoom MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor Radiology
Dr. Hammad Ahmad Saqib MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor Radiology
Dr. M. Kaleem MBBS, FCPS SR Radiology
Dr. Umama Saeed MBBS, FCPS SR Radiology
Dr. Hassan Ali MBBS, FCPS SR Radiology
Dr. Riffat Kamal MBBS, FCPS SR Radiology


High Quality Digital X-Ray & Fluoroscopy
  • General Radiography, Chest, Skeletal, Abdomen and other body parts X-ray.
  • Contrast studies of upper and lower Gastro-Intestinal tract.
  • Contrast studies of Gentio-urinary systems (IVP, Cystogram, Hysterosalpingography etc).
  • Fistulography and Sinnography
  • Sialography etc.

Radiology section provides routine procedures of adult and paediatrics whole body Colour Doppler and obstetrical ultrasound, anomaly ultrasound, umbilical and uterine artery Doppler, musculosketal imaging and transvasginal Ultrasound. The service also facilitates intervention procedures like FNAC, diagnostic and therapeutic aspiration and core biopsies. We also provide portable ultrasound services within hospital premises.


CT scanning (or CAT scan) can see inside the brain and other parts of the body, into areas that cannot be seen on regular x-ray examinations. CT makes it possible to diagnose certain diseases earlier and more accurately than with other imaging tools. Because most diseases are better treated when found early, CT scans can help save lives.

This area consists of :

  • 128 slice Toshiba Aquilon CT Scan machine
  • Complete 3D and volumetric scanning of any part of the whole body including heart, liver and the arteries. CT Angiography at CPEIC, Multan is a safe outpatient procedure that uses specially designed X-rays and Interavenous contrast to see the detailed anatomy of the blood vessels throughout body.

Services offered:

  • Cardiac CT Angio in a single Heart beat
  • Calcium Deposit Scoring
  • Cerebral Arteriography / Venography
  • Whole Body Vascular Studies like CT Angiography
  • CT Virtual Colonoscopy, CT Bronchoscopy (Virtual)
  • Dynamic , 3 Phase Scanning for Liver and other organs
  • Abdominal and Pelvic CT scan
  • HR CT Chest, Plain and post contrast CT Chest
  • CT Scan Brain
Accredited training programmes
  • FCPS Training
  • MCPS Training
  • MD Training
Seminar and Researches

A team of radiology department CPEIC has successfully managed to gather all radiologist of south Punjab under the flag of Radiology Society of Pakistan, accredited by University of Health Sciences Lahore. Our partners / participants from Government and Private Hospitals includes Nishtar Medical University, Multan Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital, Children Hospital Complex Multan, Combined Military Hospital Multan. Multan Medical & Dental Collage, Bakhtawar Amin Hospital Multan and Multan Institute of kidney diseases.